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Humacao, Naguabo and Monkey Island

The quickest route to Humacao is really quite boring and highway all the way, an hour and a quarter. Head north through Caguas, then follow 30 South East to Humacao. Alternatively you could follow the ocean with a continuation of the South Shore, East of Salinas Itinerary.


...Leaving the Maunabo area put Humacao in your GPS and head that direction. You will start on Highway 901 to 53, stay on 53 skirting downtown Humacao by staying on the ocean side of town. Humacao is home to Monkey Island and oceanside horseback riding.

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, it was here in Humacao that the eye first landed with all it's force and there is still a great deal of evidence of this. 


Humacao Nature Preserve is a good place to go with a bicycle. Miles of beach to walk and you can do seaside horseback riding not far from here at the gated resort area of Las Palmas. (Make these reservations in advance) The the bay here has an interesting current flow to the water that makes it quite murky and unattractive for swimming because you can't see your feet or what else might lurk in the waters, Take the boogie boards with you, wade. Get into the Nature preserve and hike. 

Monkey Island

We recommend that you hook up with the local tour operator, Barefoot Travelers, to take you out to the island. We have met Keisha, but haven't toured with them yet. Our two trips to Monkey Island were both DIY taking our own SUP equipment with us.  Weather and wave activity vary greatly here. One of our trips was calm as can be and we were able to encircle the island on our stand-up paddle boards. The second visit was a little scary with huge waves for a SUP paddler. Our advice is to hook up with Barefoot Travelers  for this one. 

Naguabo is a great seaside village with many restaurants, people and colorful buildings. Find a parking place and have lunch here. 

Bring: Hiking shoes, Sunscreen, swimsuit, watershoes, camera, binoculars, long pants and closed toe shoes if you are horseback riding, hat

Monkey Island
Punta Tuna Light House
El Yunque Rain Forest
Luquillio Beach
La Pared Beach
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