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Sunset views

SEAdaroma is the perfect spot for sunset gazing... A note on our neighbor docks... sometimes storms take them out. They always rebuild, but their docks may or may not be in during your visit.

Tropical cocktails

Mojito..... rum, mint and lime. Very refreshing

Hamaca Bridge

Hamaca was described in the summer 2019 Tourism Guide and we went. Very rustic! A tad scarey even

From the Sunflower farm

There is a for $1 fee to tour the sun flower farm. Pretty cool. Very simple.

Bicycles included!

We have two bicycles that we give you access to when you book your lodging through this website. (Along with Kayaks, SUP Boards and snorkel equipment)

Our recreation Closet

Here you will find our Kayaks, SUP Boards, Bicycles, Snorkel gear & Boogie boards. Enjoy... our compliments when you book your lodging through this website.

Annie's Place, Combate

Just the nicest find! Good food, superb Caribbean views and look at that beach! Marvelous.

Guilligan's Island

A riot of color. So Caribbean!

Hamaca Bridge

A strange little hike to a rusted out swinging bridge. Very rustic.

Politas Beach

Just a block or two from Seadaroma and a great place to people watch. Often a live band.

Ponce Pizza

Superb vegan pizza! Fabulous food can be found here!

Guiligan's Island

Most tropical indeed! Fun stop, good snorkeling and they bring you lunch on the ferry too!

Tree me

At the forts

Coffee Plantation

High in the mountains, a perfect stopping point on our way to Jobos Beach from Salinas. This is Hacienda Tres Angels. We also like Sandra Farms.

Larimar... the rock of Puerto Rico

A very nice soft blue/green stone with some serious good attributes.

Salinas Marina

A fun paddle around looking at all the different boats in the area.

Random lovely Old San Juan Street

The original blue brick road inlay is reflective and a great back drop to the unique lighting.


Find the chocolate bar in Old San Juan. It's worth a stop.

A Yoga Posed Fountain

Perfect for cooling on hot days!

Salinas Horses

Just waiting for us to photograph them, then they moved on.


Beautiful in it's contrast to it's surroundings

Snorkeling at Guiligan's Island

Beautiful colors abound

Fruit stands can be found everyewher

We don't always know what every thing is, but that didn't stop us from buying a few mystery fruits. We weren't impressed with these prickly things but enjoyed the oral adventure

Paddling home

Almost back from our 3 mile route with mid paddle swim.

Cat walk

This is the oddest street with cats lounging about everywhere. A donation box can be found midway in a door.

Casa Blanca

A must stop! This is the home and gardens of Ponce de Leon, who never lived here, but his wife and kids did.

Casa Blanca Gardens

A beautiful place to sit for a minute, pose if you must. See if you can find the archaeological find... possibly one of three tunnels with a cannon in the bottom.

Cat Chairs

These chairs made me cat like mimicking their theme.

Paddling Mathias

This tropical oasis is a mere 3 mile paddle from our house on the sea. We loaded up for the day with sandwiches, energy bars, water, snorkel gear and our yoga mats... another "don't miss!"


I can't get enough of the local paddling. We saw dolphins, manatees, nurse sharks, sting rays, star fish and oodles more! Each find a thrill!


Sleeping? We didn't really want to know.

Guiligan's Island beach

That beautiful bright white sand.

Puerto Rico Coffee

Famous for nearly perfect conditions for growing delicious coffee. We just can't get enough of the small farms blends.

Old San Juan

There is great beauty in the architecture, the colors, the decoration. It's a great city to get lost in.

Road Trip

Just a beautiful window in an old ruin.

Ponce Boardwalk

Closed, do not cross. We hope it opens again. When we were there, April 2018, no power yet. The places that were open were running on generators.

SUP Yoga

Right in front of the house a little SUP yoga to get us loosened up for the day.


Sandra Farms! Our favorite coffee plantation tour high in the mountains. Great coffee, setting and people. We just can't get enough of this stuff.

Old San Juan

Full of interesting experiences. For $5 you can pose with Parrots!

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