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Playa Salinas is a small protected ocean front village with dozens of restaurants, a marina, bars, public beach and several tropical islands. SEAdaroma South is smack dab in the middle of all this! Plan on quiet mid-weeks and busy weekends as Puerto Ricans from around the island arrive to enjoy the natural beauty of this unique setting


This starfish picture was taken from atop one of the paddle boards a few years ago by Mary who was on our first Yoga-Paddler Adventure. Mary used an underwater camera on a calm day to capture this image.

While paddling we have seen a great deal of sea life from manatees to dolphins, sea turtles, starfish, stingrays and more! 

Around the Area

There are several major attractions in Salinas

Albergue Olimpico: The huge swimming pool, water slides and sports center 

Puerto Rico International Speedway is a short drive from the house. Open Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 5pm. Double check openings with Covid Restrictions

Cayo Matias is  a tropical island within paddling distance of the house where you can snorkel and swim. Bring lunch! There is a ferry, La Paseadora (787-930-1036), that operates on weekends and holidays that can also bring you to the island. 

Caja Muertos Island: This is an all day, adventure leaving from the Salinas marina (a 10 minute walk from the house) on a catamaran with Island Adventures for a day of snorkeling, hiking and sunning on "Coffin Island." 

Ocean Paddling: Take out one of our kayaks or paddle boards and explore our oceanfront. The easiest island to get to is just a few minutes' paddle away. Go further! We have seen manatees, dolphins, starfish, stingrays and sea turtles from our paddle boards. On one of my paddle outings to Cayo Matias a manatee was there and I was able to swim right along side of him. 

Because of coronavirus and the restrictions in place to control the spread, it is possible some of these activities are closed down. Call first. 

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