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Our first moments in Puerto Rico were spent in this little North West corner of the island as we  arrived by flight  into Aguadilla, not a common entry, but the airfare was well priced. This landing started our love affair with these neighborhoods and we find our selves returning again and again with nearly every trip including our hosted adventures. .Pick up a coffee plantation tour on your way to the North Shore, it will help to break up the drive. Maybe make a reservation to stay over night in Jobos Beach. To really enjoy this area it is more than a day trip. 

North shore Places we love to stop:

  • Tunel Guajataca: This is a really cool stop with nice ocean views, interesting rocks, the tunnel, crashing waves and then the really calm river.

  • Cara del Indio: Just a quick stop at the Highway 2 to 113 heading towards Isabela. Not much is known about this carving but there is a cave and sometimes a vendor or two, impromptu cafe! Just kind of fun to stup. 

  • Crash Boat Beach: I really enjoy snorkeling off the end of the big pier. There are tons of colorful fish. If it's a calm day with low waves, take the leap

  • Cueva Ventana: This is a paid tour, $20 per person and we thought worth the price. The guides were well knowledged and the pace was comfortable and the view pretty impressive!

  • Counrty/Mountain drives. Anytime you see the green on the map that defines a park, these are often USFS and many of the ones we have ventured on are one lane wide, two way traffic, cliffs on one side. Yikes and amazing! Both. 

Target Jobos Beach. Nothing like it, great for surfing and people watching. There is a genuine rip tide here that requires vigilance. We like to swim with boogie boards or the SUP boards. Take an ocean front table at Cafe Uma next to the beach and spend a few hours. If you eat and drink there you can keep you table for a long time. I rented a SUP board next door and did some SUP Surfing. I can't say I was very good, but I did catch a wave a few times and am hooked! Take a walk to the blow hole. if tides are low you can approach from the beach side, otherwise, climb to the top and then walk along the ridge. 

We've taken our bicycles to enjoy the paved bike trail from Jobos to Isabela along the ocean. A very nice ride, level. You can rent bicycles from Pedalea Isabela at the eastern end of the line. They are in an almost open air mall near the back with a nice little bar, a few good menu items and some very sturdy bicycles that do the job well and the price is very reasonable. 

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