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While hanging out at Seadaroma is oodles of fun and tons of relaxing... if you are going to stay more than a few days, let us recommend some of our favorite day trips. Most of these are partial day excursions but you can blend this with that and such to have a really nice long, all day excursion. . We love going to El Yunque via the coastal route to our east and with a blending of those two intineraries you will need a full day. Same is true for coffee plantation tours with a trip to the Jobos Beach at the North Shore, west side of the island.

While the island is only about 380 miles around, travel times are substantially different than you might be used to for similar distances. Traffic is often thick, construction frequent and "rules of the road" a tad more aggressive than one might see at home. Get into that vacation state of mind and let it all flow around you. Check times before you head out. I don't mind a 12 hour travel day with activities packed in... you might. Google maps works well here and will give you fairly accurate times. 

El Yunque  (The Rain forest)

The rain forest is managed under the USFS, easily one of the most popular destinations in Puerto Rico and was devastated by Hurricane Maria. It is with great delight that we visit this gem on each of our PR trips; witnessing the evolution of the forest's rebirth over time.   This itinerary takes you to: Degree18, El Yunque, Luquillo Beach and surfing at La Pared Beach

The South Shore East of Salinas

From Salinas to the East is some of the most beautiful ocean scenery on the island, some quite rugged. This itinerary takes you to Maunabo, Punta Tuna Lighthouse and Puta Tuna Beach,  

Humacao, Naguabo and Monkey Island

If you have many, many days to explore Puerto Rico, then this might be something you could do. With new post-Maria regulations, a trip to monkey island is best coordinated with a tour company.  Continue Reading


Guilligan's Island: Guanica  updated 11/2022

Sadly, this exceptional activity has lost it's dock, boat and permit to operate. The only way to get to the island appears to be through the Copacabana hotel and now instead of $10 is priced at $225.  Another top destination about an hour and a quarter from SEAdaroma South. A trip to Puerto Rico without a stop at Guilliagan's Island is just incomplete, especially if you are looking for an easy day on a beautiful tropical beach. Continue reading

Coffee Plantation Tours:
Sandra Farms, Hacienda Buena Vista, Hacienda Tres Angeles & Hacienda Munoz are four very different options and all worth the trip. We also love the story of Cafe Oro de Puerto RIco, a newer player in the local coffee business. We love coffee and have made it a goal to catch all the coffee tours on the island. Our favorite so far is Sandra Farms, high in the mountains, Continue reading

Adventure Tour: You can spend hours combing the many adventure offerings online,  but we have done some of that work for  you. This Zip/Cave tour found through Airbnb Experiences is exceptional. The best price of the choices, a fantastic work out, oodles of intrigue from rainforest hike, zip line, cliff jumping, cave swimming, river tubing and more. Very high energy, excellent guides. Please note: take your waterproof cameras with you at the zipline... you don't get back to this point until the end of the fun and the hike back up the slope to the cars. You will want photos. 


We just love our visits to Puerto Rico and the rich experiences we have had. Some  once, twice or more! Ponce, Gilligan's Island, Aguadilla, Jobos Beach, Isabella & bicycles, Crash Boat Beach and snorkeling, Old San Juan and shopping stops for authentic trinkets, Sandra Farms and the coffee farms, Fajardo and the bioluminescence lagoon and a whole lot more! We hope you enjoy our tropical getaway as much as we do... and yes, sometimes we do just stay at the house reading a book, picking up seaglass and watching the ever changing ocean. 

NOTE: The Puerto Rico Tourism office is a wealth of good information with generally good recommendations. However, I have noticed they sometimes lean towards continuing content that they know is outdated because it's good stuff. Like Gilligan's Island. Their website gives no indication that the public tour is gone. For anything you find you want to do, give a jingle to make sure the offering is still available. 

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