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All Area Photos are taken post Hurricane Maria


The marina is one of our favorite stops. Fantastic ambiance.

Coffee in the Spring

Lots of beans, big hope for the this year's harvest, the first since Maria

20190423_175652 (2)

Living room/Kitchen of the little house. Freshly painted this last April, just a very light, soft mint green.


Lots of sea glass in the area. All this was found in right in front of our houses.


Beautiful caterpillars. Do they turn into beautiful butterflies? No. These turn into moths.

Old San Juan

Colors, Doors and Brick Streets.

Guiligan's Island

This trip to Gilligan's Island some of us paddled out, others took the ferry. On this day we have a private setting with a picnic table and surrounded by water on three sides. Super cool!

Ponce Boardwalk

Not open yet, hurricane damaged, no guard rails. Several restaurants were open.... Ask before heading here. Vendors and shops open when there are cruise ships in port.

Newly discovered tunnels

This was discovered with Hurricane Maria when she blew away all the greenery. Seems to be one of three tunnels. There is a cannon ball on the bottom of this hole that likely blew off the top when it hit. Lots of interesting new finds. This one here is at Casa Blanca in Old San Juan, the home of Ponce de Leon... which he built but never lived in having died in Florida before the house was completed.

For Rent

We got a chuckle that this building with no roof was for rent, a fixer for sure, but lovely bones! So much neat stuff to see. I think this house had no roof long before the hurricane!


Plants on the mainland are just tiny compared to the trees these turn into over time on Puerto Rico.

Coffee in the fall

A rich and full harvest this year. Farmers are happy!

Degree 18

Degree 18 is just outside El Yunque and a perfect stop after the long drive before you head up the hill... if planning a big hike, you might save this for post Rainforest. Open until 6pm.

Holiday Boat Parade.

I felt so lucky to be here for this event. It was magical. Dozens of decorated boats, hundreds of people. Music, dancing... Fun! A few weekends before Christmas. A superb time to book!

A well fed pelican

We found these at the Ponce harbor. A delightful experience for kids and adults a like. They had no fear of humans and were happy to get fish snacks.

Ponce Fish

The water was so clear. These fish were being fed off the docks and were eager to catch out tossings. It was an amazing sight!

Marina Bar, a few minutes walk away

Beautiful outdoor setting, surrounded by the big boats of the marina. They have great food with a gourmet flare and live music a few nights a week.

Politas Beach

This is the hub of fun for families and boaters alike. Weekends can get quite busy. This is a short walk from the houses.

Gilligan's Island

This is a not-to-be-missed stop. A true tropical island experience with white sand beaches. easy currents and lunch delivered when you want it. Arrive by a littler commuter ferry with your snorkel gear. There is plenty to see under the water.


Politas Beach, just minutes from the house. It doesn't look like a big beach, but you would be suprprised. Lots of nooks & crannies


Kayak rentals, Politas Beach just 2 blocks from Villa del Mar.


An everywhere, every day vision, so unusual, yet so common.


The public pier half way from the house to Politas Beach


Another beach scene... we're all about the water & white sand.

Fisherman's Statue, Salinas

Fisherman's Statue just a block from us here in Salinas

Santa Claus hangs out in Salinas

A very hip Santa Claus hangs out in Salinas

Shell House, Salinas

The shell house, Salinas

Historic Ponce

Historic Old Town, Ponce. Plenty to excite the senses here.

Fire Station, Ponce

The historic Fire Station, Ponce

Church on the Plaza, Ponce

Church on the Plaza, Ponce

Fireman's Museum, Ponce

Fireman's Museum and Carnival Storage.

Central Square Fountains, Ponce

Beautiful lit fountains on the square in Ponce

Antique Fire Truck, Ponce

Antique Fire Truck, Ponce

Santa Isabel

Boat Launch and water view Santa Isabel, the next town to the west


San Juncito, Guiligan's Island!

More area images, some within walking distance

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