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South Shore, East of Salinas

This oceanside meandering route makes a nice half day journey, perhaps 4-5 hours. Start by heading  out of the Playa Salinas neighborhood and turn right on highway 3 heading east. towards Maunabo, about an hour east of Salinas. There are a few road transitions, google will get you there safely. There are many fruit & veggie vendors along the way, stop when you see something you might like. There are also pretty beach parks along the way, stop when inspired. Just before reaching the town of Maunabo you head up the oceanside cliffs. At the top is Paisajeo Curet, a little restaurant with superb ocean vista views. It is worth a stop for a soda, beer or bathroom break and photos as you ooooh and ahhhh over the beauty of your surroundings. 

The road next returns you to sea level. As Highway 3 heads into the mountains, you take a right onto Highway 760. Put Punta Tuna Light House. in your Google Maps and follow directions to the point. This ruins is open to the public for free and also has bathrooms. Playa Punta Tuna (beach) is just to the east of the lighthouse and is worth a photo opportunity. GPS it for directions. The surf here is high and deep. Big crashing waves. Swimming is not recommended but  photos are and if you wanted to harvest a coconut or two, we've done that here. An interesting challenge! Do a search for coconut harvesting directions. 

If you are digging the curvy seaside route, the road gets even more spectacular as you continue east. There are places you will see ocean on both sides, fascinating houses built into the mountains and lots of colorful architecture. Go until you've traveled the distance you like. The return route is just turning around and heading the reverse direction but the views change! If you need a meal break we enjoyed our stop at Musafa Seafood and Bar with beach access for a stroll and seaglass collecting as you wait your food. 

Bring: Sunscreen, watershoes, camera, binoculars, hat

Monkey Island
Punta Tuna Light House
El Yunque Rain Forest
Luquillio Beach
La Pared Beach
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