Culinary Yoga Paddle Adventure: November 5-12, 2020 from $1199

Yoga Paddle Adventure: March 18-25, 2021 from $1199


We love sharing what we love doing! That is where these itineraries started. First with bringing a few friends to Puerto Rico and showing them our favorite activities, restaurants, views and introducing them to people we have come to enjoy. Everyone noted how much fun they had and that we should turn these outings into an adventure... So we did. Right now we have developed the YogaPaddler PR Adventure and have run the program for a couple of years along with a few private tours. We are currently working on developing a Culinary Adventure that will arrive on November 5, 2020 for a week. Alternatively, we are able to customize a trip that would match your interests from Culture and Museums to Island paddling & beaches or any blend of our itineraries. I am thinking we might have a Coffee Explorations one day too.. 

These adventures are for folks that are traveling alone, or perhaps with a friend, . Programs that are not a private group generally have 2 hosts and a maximum of 5 participants. Private groups that book the whole program can be from 5 to 11 people. Traveling with the team is for anyone who would rather leave details like planning the day, meals, activities, transportation and so on up to someone else.